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  • Redesign proposals have weak and questionable benefits. Cost of most promoted alternative is very high
  • All proposals have high noise impacts plus environmental justice concerns
  • We must stop EWR "fanning" proposal because of highly negative impact


FAA's Integrated Airspace Proposal — Departures

Below is a slide for the FAA's Integrated Airspace Alternative with the Integrated Control Complex (ICC) departure configuration for Newark Airport*. The ICC proposal would increase aircraft noise for 332,000 persons in the metropolitan area by a factor of over three times. (Note: the FAA ignores noise impacts of under three times.) Counties in New Jersey that would be impacted by the ICC departures include: Gloucester and Union**. The onerous aircraft noise impacts of the ICC departures include:

  • fanning departures off the runway directly over the Elizabeth area;
  • increased departure patterns in the old enroute airspace;
  • a new departure pattern over Monmouth County and the NJ shore area;
  • an altered departure pattern from Kennedy Airport currently over the ocean that would be moved over Monmouth County and the NJ shore area;
  • and, expanded departure patterns west of Newark Airport; this corridor would include stacked departures from Kennedy Airport that fly above the Newark departures.

With this concept, the FAA singularly addresses aviation industry issues while completely ignoring the environmental impacts of flying more aircraft at lower altitudes over the residential communities in New Jersey.

*ICC Departure Configuration Slide: Newark ICC departures Fig 2.28.pdf
**ICC Noise Impact Summary: ICC Noise Impact Summary.doc

FAA's Integrated Airspace Proposal — Arrivals

Below is a slide for the FAA's Integrated Airspace Alternative with the Integrated Control Complex (ICC) arrival configuration for Newark Airport*. The onerous noise impacts of the ICC arrivals include:

  • low altitude holding patterns that are supposedly located over the arrival gates;
  • parallel arrival patterns for Newark airport; and
  • expanded arrival patterns for Newark Airport (5 from 4);

The ICC arrival configuration attempts to improve arrivals by moving holding patterns closer into the metropolitan area and by utilizing parallel arrival procedures at Newark Airport. In doing so, the consequence is to reduce arrival aircraft altitudes. In addition, the arrival corridors are expanded. The arrival noise impact is particularly onerous for Bergen, Morris, Passaic, and Sussex Counties.

*ICC Arrival Configuration Slide: Newark ICC arrivals Fig 2.29.pdf

Ocean Routing Aircraft Noise Benefit

The Ocean Routing alternative would provide significant aircraft noise abatement benefits from Newark Liberty International Airport departures. However, in the draft report for the Metro Airspace Redesign, the FAA reported that this concept is not consistent with the Project's "purpose and need".

Ocean Routing would reduce aircraft noise by 5 DNL or more for a total of 119,768 New Jersey residents, while increasing it for relatively few. Please note that the FAA ignores noise impacts below 5 DNL, and the actual noise benefit is significantly higher. The slide that outlines this concept's flight patterns as well as summaries of its aircraft noise reduction benefit are available at the below tabs. The areas outlined in purple in the noise impact slide represent a noise reduction of 5 DNL or more and the areas outlined in yellow represent a 5 DNL or more increase.

NJCAAN believes that the FAA never seriously considered Ocean Routing and deliberately excluded it from a broader redesign alternative. In addition, the FAA completely excluded identifying noise abatement procedures to be included with its alternatives in the draft report for the project. As a result, it completely ignored the public's number one concern: AIRCRAFT NOISE ABATEMENT.

Flight Patterns Slide: Ocean Routing Flight Patterns Fig 2.18.pdf
Noise Impact Slide: Ocean Routing Noise Impact Slide.pdf
Summary: Ocean Routing Noise Impact Summary.doc

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